Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crayola Color Explosion Marker Replacements

This is just a little tip for those of you with Crayola's Color Explosion sets.  This morning my son was adamant about coloring in his color explosion book, but our "color-revealing" marker was dried out.  In efforts to avoid a mid-morning meltdown and a trip to the store, I tried one of my tricks and thankfully it worked!  Did you know you can use plain old white vinegar?  Well, you can!  I just poured a little vinegar in a cup and brought out the paint brushes.  I'm sure you could also dip your existing marker in the vinegar.  He then just painted on the pages and the color finally exploded! 

Edited to add:  It's now 30 minutes post craft - and the vinegar really dissolved the black overlay.  Unfortunately both of my kids are stained blue.  I now have to Google how to get the "paint" off of them.  Any suggestions?  So, use the vinegar sparingly and watch your kiddos closely :)



  1. OMG I have been searching for this for so long thank you. The fingernail ploish remover wasn't working very well.

  2. thank you. we still have anumber of pages left and the markers have been mislaid.