Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glitterfying with Mod Podge

Summer has come and gone and I have yet to post any of the activites and crafts we've done the past few months.  But I knew I had to get this little sparkly activity out there to share how easy this craft is with great results .... and these great results can be achieved by your 3 year old!  Anything on Pinterest that includes a little glitter catches my eye, and lately all of my "pinnings" have something to do with Mod Podge.  This past weekend my kids and I hit up Michael's with one goal in mind -- buy Mod Podge!  And here's what we made, super sparkly little sneakers!

The camera of my iPhone does not give the glitter justice. 
Very cute way to repurpose shoes!

Age:  3+

Time:  20 minutes + drying time.

Cleanup:  We did this outside, but it's pretty easy to keep the mess contained.  Just have some paper towels handy.  I also score 5 cent foam brushes at Michael's, so I didn't even bother to clean them. 

What you need:

  • Mod Podge (We used the Glossy kind.)
  • Glitter (We used Martha Stewart's ultra fine glitter.)
  • Masking tape
  • Paint or foam brushes
  • Workspace "mat" (we used a piece of brown paper)
  • Something to glitterfy (We used some hand-me-down sneakers.  My daughter previously thought these were 'boy' shoes and refused to wear them.  Now, it's a completely different story.)

1. Clean off your object to Mod Podge.  I also glittered the top of my keys (thanks to Pinterest for the ideas), and cleaned the metal with rubbing alcohol.  For the shoes, I just brushed away any loose dirt.

2. Using the masking tape, tape off any areas your don't want covered.  My 3 year old did the majority of this craft by herself.  With the help of masking tap, she really only painted the canvas of the shoe.

3. On the workspace mat (or in a cup), mix together Mod Podge and glitter.  When mixed together, I had about 80% glitter.  I made a number of batches.  I didn't want to waste my expensive glitter.

4.  Brush on the glitter mixture.  We did about 3 coats with only 5 minutes between each layer.

6.  Peel off the tape and clean up any edges.
A little messy, but the coating will dry clear.  I used a paper towel to touch up the edges.

7. Let dry and enjoy!
My son decided to jump in and help us paint.

FYI ... this isn't water proof.  My daughter also decided to make Hello Kitty a little more sparkly.  Later on the Hello Kitties joined her in the bath and the Mod Podge coating dissolved.
If it didn't start raining, I'm sure we would have spent all afternoon finding more things to glitterfy.