Friday, November 16, 2012

Giant Gumdrop Lights

Six months ago we move our little family into a new house.  Almost since move-in day I've been dreaming up the layout of the interior and exterior Christmas decorations.  For years I've been wanting to decorate the outside in a gingerbread house theme, and this year I finally started gathering my ideas and material before December.  Here's our first, very kid friendly, holiday craft of the year.  Giant gumdrop lights that will eventually line the walkway to our house.  It's only November, so I have to wait a few more weeks before I can pull it all together.

Age: 3+
Time:  10 minutes per bowl + drying time.
Cleanup:  Just had to clean up the brushes.  With my kids getting older, the mess isn't as bad as it used to be.  However, I had to keep my eye on swinging paint brushes.
What You Need:
  • Clear, acrylic salad bowls (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)
  • Paint (I used Crayola's Washable Paints)
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Paper bowl/plate (for mixing Mod Podge & glitter)
  • Glitter
  • Shellac
  • Christmas lights
  • Duct tape
  • Lanscaping stakes (something like this)
Step 1.
Paint the INSIDE of the bowl your desired color.  My kids easily accomplished this task without much direction or interference from me.

Step 2.
Mix together lots of glitter and Mod Podge in a bowl, cup, or plate.  Stipple the mixture on the OUTSIDE of the bowl. 

Step 3.
Let dry.  Mod Podge will dry clear and your glitter will sparkle!  Here are mine lined up in the bay window.  It's hard to see the glitter in this picture, but trust me they sparkle!

Step 4.
When completely dry spray with shellac (inside and out) to waterproof the glitter.

Step 5.
Arrange the gum drops on top of the Christmas lights.  I bunched a group of LED light under each bowl.  I secured the lights to the bowl with a little bit of duct tape.

Step 6.
When I arrange them in the yard I will use some landscaping stakes on either side of the bowl to secure the lights to the ground.  I don't want the wind to blow the bowls and strings of lights.  I just have to make 24 more!

Enjoy your Giant Gumdrops!  Once my entire house is decorated I will post more pictures on the final results of the gingerbread theme.