Monday, December 17, 2012

Mirror Mirror Who is the Ferris of them All?

Our latest craft project was to create a super fantastic fancy wonderful hand-held mirror. (Actually that's a lie.  Our latest craft was making a penguin I cut out with my FANTASTIC SILHOUETTE CAMEO cutter, but since most people don't have one of those I didn't document it on the blog.)

Why I like this craft: My kid thought of this one all by herself.  Kid tested, mother approved.

I also like this because it's a way to use up those pesky cake pop sticks taking up room in your kitchen or craft room because you HATE how much time and effort it takes to make stinkin' cake pops that never turn out as cute as the photo.  Unless your name is Rose.  Then your cake pops turn out even better than the photo.  Sorry, Rose, I'm a prolific but lazy crafter at heart.   

I also also liked using up the leftover little glittery things that were floating around in the bottom of the paper drawer.

I also also also also like this because you can easily make this for a boy if you decorate the edges with stuff the boy likes (gems (boys like gems!) or other things your boy likes).

Age: 3+

Time: 10 minutes  

Mess/Cleanup: Low mess, especially if your kid is good with glue  

What You Need:
  • Something non-breakable and reflective for the mirror part-my kid cut off the cover of a notepad that had a mirror-like reflective surface on one side.  You can use aluminum foil in a pinch. If you look around your house I guarantee you will find something reflective within the next 10 days without buying anything.  
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • A stick-a real stick, a cake pop stick, popsicle stick, anything along those lines will do
  • Glittery things-beads, buttons, gems, stickers, and other random stuff to decorate the mirror
  • Fancy Tape-I used fancy Washi masking tape (my new favorite craft item) or you could substitute strips of colored paper
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissor
  • Markers and/or stamp pads to color the paper frame
We didn't use the heart shaped paper but we did use the stickers and other stuff. 

Canibalized notebook with the mirror cover (sorry notebook!) and washi tape (which makes me feel odly guilty for owning. It's cheap!  Go get some and stop making me feel badly!)

Step 1: Cut out your "mirror" and a piece of paper to go behind it.  It can be rectangular like the example or any shape you like.  If you want to paint or use stampe pads to color the frame do this before you glue on the mirror so you get right up to the edges.

Step 2:  Glue the mirror to the backing frame. 

Step 2 optional:   If you have Washi tape put it on top of the mirror after it is glued on.  You could substitute strips of colored paper to make a frame, too. 

Step 3:  Embellish with gems and glittery things (or non-glittery things if that is what your kid likes).  Really dig around in your craft drawer to find weird stuff.  Did you notice the fuzzy monkey on our mirror?  That is from a broken hair clip.  Score!

Step 4:  Tape the stick to the back of the mirror. 


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