Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big Sister / Big Brother Onesie for Newborn Baby

My friend has a new baby and we invited her older daughter over to make a gift for her sister (and give mom some time alone with the newborn).  The girls had a fantastic time and were so proud of their creations.

Age: 3+
Time: 15 minutes (plus time to pre-wash and dry new onesies)
Mess/Cleanup:  5-10 minutes
What You Need
  • Plain, pre-washed onesies (I used 3 month size so big sis could see it on the baby right away)-You could substitute a t-shirt if the sibling is no longer a baby.
  • Cardboard cut to fit inside the onesie
  • Fabric inks and markers
  • Rubber stamps
  • Iron
  • Press cloth (I used an old t-shirt)

Big sister loved the fact that she could stamp a onesie on her onsie.
Step 1:
Wash and dry your blank onesies.  You can use solid colors or white.

Step 2:
Cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the onesie.  This will prevent the ink from bleeding through from the front to the back of the onesie.  Put the cardboard inside the onesie.
This is an action shot.  You should put your cardboard all the way in before your kid begins.
Step 3:
Let the kids stamp and paint away.  I had to take the pens and inks away so they would pay attention to my 15 seconds of instructions.  And for heaven's sake put a smock or apron on your happy crafting kids!  This ink is meant to be permanent. 

Wearing a tiara helps with the creative process.

Tip:  wash the rubber stamps between color changes or you'll wreck your stamp pads.  I set up the activity a few steps away from the bathroom sink and it worked beautifully.

Didn't really intend to include the bathroom sink in this photo, but it proves I'm not a liar and it was a very practical setup.
Step 4:
Remove the cardboard and place a press cloth on top of the onesie.  Iron for 15 to 20 seconds over all the areas that have ink, or follow the instructions on your ink pad or pens.  Put a kiddie movie on and make your husband watch the kids while you iron. 


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